Title: Grizzly Bear
Artist: Angus & Julia Stone
Plays: 580


Can I take you home?
We can go anywhere you wanna go
Can I take you high?
Till the moon in the sky?
We can go as far as you wanna go


Kirsten Dunst, photographed by Jason Hetherington for FLAUNT #135, 2014.

Title: Heart beats slow
Artist: Angus & Julia Stone
Plays: 6877


Angus and Julia Stone - ‘Heart beats slow' pre-order their album now

Title: 1998
Artist: Chet Faker
Album: Built On Glass
Plays: 3887


Chet Faker | 1998

Anonymous asked: I missed you. Welcome Back ♥

awww! i have a feeling i know who you are, i’ve missed you too girl! i hope everything is good with you! i’m sorry i never have time to update anymore, but it’s still nice to pop in once in a while :) 

Marion Cotillard - Madame Figaro May 2014

Title: Can't Do Without You
Artist: Caribou
Album: Our Love
Plays: 545

Caribou - “Can’t Do Without You”

Title: Words I Don't Remember
Artist: How to Dress Well
Album: Words I Don't Remember - Single
Plays: 8699


How to Dress Well | Words I Don’t Remember

Title: Never Gonna Change
Artist: BROODS
Album: Broods - EP
Plays: 10485

And I hate that I can’t say your name
Without feeling like I’m part of the blame
And it’s never gonna feel quite the same
But it’s never gonna change
And I hate that I’m always so young
Had me feeling like you were the one
And it’s never gonna feel like it’s done
'Cause it's never gonna change