Ryan Gosling and his dog, George. 

“A person can let you down, but that little guy, he just can’t. He is always there for me, no matter if I’m sad or happy, if I’m poor or rich. Just… no matter what. He’s my best friend.”


George and his human Ryan Gosling

“I think we`re very complicated and we`re capable of all kinds of things, and movies don`t reflect that.”


Ryan: George insists on the mohawk. Like ten years ago I shaved the mohawk, just for the summer. And then everytime it started to grown out, he turned into a total jerk. And then I shaved it back and then he turned into a nice guy again…
Jimmy Fallon: What kind of dog is he?
Ryan: He’s some kind of muppet.


Ryan Gosling, hugging George


“I’ve had George for 11 years, it’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had.”